Who Sang The Mixtapes Misplaced Missed Takes? Mixtapes

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Wait, I'm catching up, we left the casino at 3 oclock
And the weathers always nicer, but I'm lying to myself I'm broke
I really need to talk to you, but we can never tell the truth
And it's just complicated doesn't mean that much to me
and we know that were just hangin on
To half thought out ideas, I don't know
I'd rather sit at home, then go to the show
I am tired I am boring, I have so much left to do
But no motivation, I'm just happy to be

  • 1 Sunrise
  • 2 Maps
  • 3 Nothing Can Kill the Grimace
  • 4 And If We Both Fail?
  • 5 The Mixtapes Misplaced Missed Takes
  • 6 Road Apples
  • 7 Hope Springs Eternal
  • 8 OrangeYellow
  • 9 Moonglow
  • 10 Sunsets

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    script: Latin