Who Sang The Gold? Mobb Deep

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length: 4:27

That's the gold

Havoc: yeh man, niggas better tuck them chains man, keep them tucked baby
The wolves is out... yeh yeh yeh yeh, that's right keep that chain out baby
That's what I like, that's what I like it, glistening baby...yo c'mon

[Havoc - Verse 1]

Dudes come in heavy but they leave out light homie
Married to robberies, leave you holy in matrimony
He leavin' out the club, security 'round him
Chick you ain't thinkin' bout that when your stomach is growlin' (hell no)
I can taste it so bad, my heart is poundin'
Thinkin' if I get this nigga, be a couple of thousand
Told my dude, follow his whip make sure you don't lose him
Almost got caught at the light, run that, you stupid?
I got an eye for this shit and I don't need no specs
Cause I can see the ice glisten through that 5 percent
So I stop at a Delhi, prolly 'fford some dutches
'bout to creep till' Jake pulled up, them muthafuckas
Nervous a little somethin', but that shit wore off
Yeh right about that time, the Jake peeled off
Dude takin' to long, fuck he buyin' the store?
Fuck it, run up in that chick and let's catch them all
Cause they all..

[Hook] - Prodigy/Sample Voice
Prodigy: See the full arm
Sample Voice: Shimmering
Prodigy: Damn, see the charm
Sample Voice: Glimmering
Prodigy: Yeh he got a lot of things
Sample Voice: Glistening
Prodigy: and if P gettin' word
Sample Voice: That's the gold
Prodigy: Yeh that's a gang load of ice
Sample Voice: Shimmering
Prodigy: yeh it's lookin' real nice
Sample Voice: Glimmering
Prodigy: nigga got the rose gold
Sample Voice: Glistening
Prodigy: and if Hav gettin' word
Sample Voice: That's the gold

[Prodigy - Verse 2]

Fuck you and all that shit you pop
You ain't a general nigga, you a fuckin flunk
Matter fact, come through with them diamond chunks
And I'm takin' all of that offa you my dunn
And I'm already sparklin', I don't need your shit
But fuck that, that's a whole lotta cash (gunshots)
Triple cars for the squardren'
Few weeks at the suite with my sweetie
From cross the map, get em'
And that means its a goal
Like the Wizard of Oz I turn the green lights on you
Stick niggas like needles
I'm sharp like needles
And super on point for the peoples
The bells, the police bitch
And if I go broke I'll be doin' this more often
The rings and the wristwatch
Before I put your brains in the coffin


[Havoc Verse 3]

Ain't no use in tuckin' that chain (it's too late nigga)
Cause I can see in the spot, you was mister bling bling
Yeh, the wheels of motion it done been arranged
And I'm just waitin' for that ass to hop up in that range
Put a bad bitch on him, all he thinkin' is pussy
See, dudes want the honey all we want is the goodies
2 way back and forth on 2 cars back
Ain't nobody tryina that recognize this fucked up act
Know a nigga waitin' patient, shorty hit me back
She know I got caught at the light, told me where to catch up
I gotta get this muhthafucka so I'm doin' a buck
Better slow the fuck down 'fore I get locked up
Told her take him to a parking lot, one in the cut
It might look a little fishy but niggas wanna nut
Hurry up, got there 'fore the windows fogged up
Opened up the door, nigga give tha-at up
Cause you are..