Who Sang Machine Messiah? Monocrom

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length: 8:44
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we're a totally new life form from the sea of information
do you recognize me
we ain't got no race, ain't got no nation
messiah digitize me
we've got vision and a plan, to give rise to a new klan
do you recognize me
log on to our maze, and you'll find yourself dazed
messiah virtualize me
*rule me i'm your servant
teach me i'm your child
possess me im your slave
machine messiah
use me i'm the shephered
save me i'm the fallen one
then hug me f*** me machine messiah
we're the real existence from the placeless dimention
do you recognize me
we ain't got no fear, not even hesitation
messiah alchemize me
we're smaller than a cell, wider than imagination
do you recognize me now access granted, all system's formatted
messiah synchronize me
someday, broken minds will be reunited
our conciousness becomes as one,
scatterd spirits will be relighted
and we shall be the immortall one

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    script: Korean