Who Sang Drive Thru? Monoxide

Monoxide Chainsmoker LP cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Horrorcore
length: 2:22
It's about f___ing time. I've been sittin here all night. Ugh,the line's long as f___.
"Word? Whats going on?"
Nice, hold on
Yeah lemme get uhh...
"Sir, Sir, No, I'm Sorr..."
"No, sir, there's no smoking sir"
No let...
No, theres no, put the cigarette out sir.
No, I'm in my car.
Your car's on restaurant grounds sir, theres no smoking.
Your telling me i can't smoke in my car?
Yes sir, by being in your car this gives me the right to tell you no smoking.
What do you...That doesn't make any sense.
It makes perfect sense sir, your car is on our drive thru parking s___e.
It Duh...What do you mean cause im in the drive thru, that does, I'm not in the restaurant im outside. What do you mean I can't smoke.
This is a smoke free establishment sir.
You're f___ing insane, What is wrong with...
Stop cursing at me sir, i will notify the police.
What Do You mean your calling the cops?
Uhh we gotta go.
I'm having a cigarette in my own f___...
Pull Off Dawg.
Yes sir...
I'm in my car.
The police are on there way sir, have a...yes thank you have a nice day.
Go, Go
s___,Get the f___ out of here
Are you f___ing serious?!
I'm not, but that s___ your car just did is.
Hey, f___ You, I'm on probation like a m_________er man.
Aww hell nah! Here are these m____fuckas
Aww man!!
d___ man, just chill out, just chill out
I know how to talk to these m____fuckas man
hold up
(Police Man)
Uh yeah, what seems to be the problem.
OUT OF THE CAR! Get out of the car, and on the ground right now!
Hey man I'm...
Put your hands where I can see them.
I was just smoking a g______ cigarette in the Drive-Thru
Man, this is some bullshit.
Get out of the car! Smoking in a Drive-Thru is illegal.
What? It's not illegal what are you talking about? I was outside!
Hey as far as I'm concerned...
Out of the car and on the ground.
I'm on the ground what the f___ is wrong with you.
Get off of me man.
AHH!!! What're you doing man.
He was coming right at me.
I'll get him with the Taser
He's Going for his lighter!

CD 1
  • 1 Lite It Up
  • 2 Drive Thru
  • 3 See Me
  • 4 Wut Would You Do
  • 5 Blaze
  • 6 Outta My Way
  • 7 Bring Me Down
  • 8 I'm Out
  • 9 Slut
  • 10 Rite Quick
  • 11 Shoe Fitz
  • 12 Change
  • 13 Evil
  • 14 That's Real