Who Sang Rite Quick? Monoxide

Monoxide Chainsmoker LP cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Horrorcore
length: 1:44
"Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up.. Alright I Just Need A Minute Of Your Time, Something Real Quick,Some s___ Thats Really Been Bothering Me Here It Go."
I Dont Care If You Lovin Anymore
Cause Nothing Seems To Be Good Enough For You
I Get So Mad I Just Fall To My Knees
And Start To Screamin Aloud
What Am I Sopose To Do
I Reall Wanna Be Around But I Cant
I Gota Work Those 50 Hours Or I Dont Pay The Rent
I Cant Believe You Would Wait This Long
To Bring The Dramma To My Front Door
But I Cant Let You Leave
Cause All The Time I Have Invested
Rollin The Seed Passin The Rejection
See My Reflection When I Go For The Neck
Maybe I Should Have Let Her Leave
But Instead I Left Her For Dead
Why Do I Seem To Keep Getting Myself
Inside Of The Wrong Of Somebody Else
I Just Cant Find That
It Is Time For M To Just
I Gota Get Out Of This Place
Befor I Lose My Brain
Theres Nothing Left Her For Me Here
Cause Everything I Loved Just Died
We Been Homies Since The Day We Could Walk
I Mothers And Fathers Were Friends
And They Would Always Talk
And I Never Thought The Day Would Come
Where We Would Part Ways
For Some Chick We Both Hit Way Back In The Days
But You Fell In Love With Her
Now You Love To Hit Her
Found Out Through Time
That Shes A Freaky Gold Digger
Now You Thinkin About Pullin The Trigger
To Set It Off Cause You Just Aint Keepin The
Happy Not At All
This Is Why People Do Crazy s___
Robbin Killin Folks To Impress That b____
I Told You When We Met Her Not To Stress That b____
Now Your Doin 20 Years Cause You Messed With That b____

CD 1
  • 1 Lite It Up
  • 2 Drive Thru
  • 3 See Me
  • 4 Wut Would You Do
  • 5 Blaze
  • 6 Outta My Way
  • 7 Bring Me Down
  • 8 I'm Out
  • 9 Slut
  • 10 Rite Quick
  • 11 Shoe Fitz
  • 12 Change
  • 13 Evil
  • 14 That's Real