Who Sang Shoe Fitz? Monoxide

Monoxide Chainsmoker LP cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Horrorcore
length: 3:22
"Where you get them shell toes, Ho?
Its going down, I see you out there b__pin it
Get ya hands up!!
You know how we do it."

They always call me High-on, might as well smoke,
Might as well spend every dime till I'm broke
I don't talk when I'm high on weed,
Cause 9 out of 10 I'mma just fall asleep
Now, don't pass me up when you roll it up,
I got cash what's up, I wanna smoke some,
I can smell it in the back of the room,
And everybody in the house say they smellin' it to
Don't hide, provide what ya came with
Don't lie, something to ride angry
I'm not brainless, ya cant fool me,
With the stainless, I'm not just smoking by the tree.
Laced up Mr. I-D-E, smoker for life is what they call me
T-W-I-Z-T-I-D, but right now I'm solo so...

If the shoe fitz,
Then wear that b____,
Lace me up,
If the shoe fitz,
Then wear that b____,
Put it on and start ya style.
If the shoe fitz,
Then wear that b____,
Lace me up,
If the shoe fitz,
Then wear that b____,
Put it on and start ya style.

(Anybody Killa)
This is for them smokers only,
Pass the time while b__pin this,
I suggest you never follow,
Unless you think that that shoe fitz.
'Cause time moves on and steps must be taken,
Follow the path and start inhaling
I'm in the zone, state of mind,
Me and Monoxide, go ahead press rewind
Who wants to be laced up,
Raisin' hell cause we had enough
East side till the day we die,
We them true ghetto neighbors right? (That's Right!)
Thats why we be always smokin walkin through your neighborhood,
You say "what's up?" man, we'll say "what's up?"
'Cause you know it's nothing but love, It's all good


Well they call me a killa, cap peela, and drug deala,
Maybe it's the flow thats startin to kill n____s
So maybe it's the dough thats gettin a lil bigga
They figure they come around and start hatin' on me and flip it
It's weed I smoke, say I smoke to much,
You know that I smoke, so why you ain't rollin' it up?
And I know you want me to be something else,
Shut up, I'm still gonna be me in the flesh,
And I told 'em before they did it,
Stop talking and bullshittin'
Used to, eatin the mustard and livin' the murder mitten,
Your intention is here, position over there,
Wristwear, chain, you see a little Cardier there
Y'all really his b____,
But I ain't wanna take it there
You done done it, I done did it,
I done did it right there,
Street n____, to an artist, and executive chairs,
Still lightin' green blunts and a couple of squares


CD 1
  • 1 Lite It Up
  • 2 Drive Thru
  • 3 See Me
  • 4 Wut Would You Do
  • 5 Blaze
  • 6 Outta My Way
  • 7 Bring Me Down
  • 8 I'm Out
  • 9 Slut
  • 10 Rite Quick
  • 11 Shoe Fitz
  • 12 Change
  • 13 Evil
  • 14 That's Real