Who Sang Rollin' in My Rolls? Moon Martin

Moon Martin Street Fever cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1980
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: New Wave/Pop Rock
length: 2:46
When I was a kid you know the king was Mr. D
Use to drive my Continental 'round the university
I remember Sonny's Eldorado Cadillac
Ooh chicks a faintin' all the guys would jump in back
Used to think luxury
And I seen Presley in his '37 Rolls


He was rollin' in his Rolls
Rollin' in his Rolls
And I always had a dream someday I'd be seen rollin' in my Rolls

I don't want a turbo just give me overdrive
Baby I'm a talkin' bout the smoothest ride alive
Maybelliene got restless now Nadine met her match
They call me the Roadrunner nobody can catch


I don't want a sportscar they're much too hard to shift
I like cruisamatic baby do you want a lift
No more reckless drivin' all my reckless days are through
One hand on the wheel the other one on you


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