Who Sang Lullaby? Moondog

Moondog Moondog cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1956
Genre: Electronic Jazz Classical
Style: Modern Classical/Big Band/Experimental
length: 2:13
writer: Moondog

I wanted to die
In a hailstorm of fire
I wanted to cry no more
You hope and you prey
And let yourself dream
Of all the things your young life will be
And all of the things you will see

This wasn't the way they told it would be
No they didn't speak of tears
No they didn't speak of death on the run
Of cold and alone wasted years
Of how you hold on to the one that you love
Hold him in your arms and watch him cry blood
And before he can die you must run

I wanted to cry no more

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Caribea
  • 2 Lullaby
  • 3 Tree Trail
  • 4 "Death, When You Come To Me, May You Come To Me Swiftly; I Would Rather Not Linger, Not Linger"
  • 5 Big Cat
  • 6 Frog Bog
  • 7 To a Sea Horse
  • 8 Dance Rehersal
  • 9 Surf Session
  • 10 "Trees Against the Sky"
  • 11 Tap Dance
  • 12 Oo Debut
  • 13 Drum Suite
  • 14 Street Scene