Mordecai - The Last Winter Lyrics

release date: 1998
length: 6:32
thoughts of staying here forever goes through your mind,
so beautiful, the breeze bites your face,
still this nature draws you to stay

These paths I've wandered times and times again,
These paths lead to the edge of my mind

Wintry paths take me towards the One I love,
and now my mind flies me to the peace,
the salvation I have,
the guidance through these mazes of winter,
The everlasting time suddenly starts to fade in your eyes,
the coming of Jesus is near,
the Last Winter '

Like your heart belongs to the winter,
my heart belongs to Christ,
see the nature for your final time,
you dream of winterscape,
like centuries ago,
when God created it, to you,
the dream reflects coming eternity, like a withering flower,
the time silently fades away,
we are there...

In The Last Winter

Track Listing
  • 1 Snow Soul
  • 2 Divine Wintertime
  • 3 Morning Mist
  • 4 Christ Mass
  • 5 Infinity of Creation
  • 6 Exhortation
  • 7 Dawn Eternal
  • 8 The Last Winter