Who Sang Sleepy? Moth

Release information
Release Date: 2002-4
length: 3:49
Do you feel all right?
From now on its all night
'Cause I will always be right here
Never stop

So you've got something for me
Well I suggest you wait and see
She said I'm tired of you
Yeah well I am sleepy too

Chinese silkworm
Electric mushroom
Rest your head
On the controls
And fall to sleep
Letting go

The finer things they wait for you
On the other side they welcome,

So when you wake two days from now
Tell us what you're all about

She said I am tired of you
Yeah well I am sleepy too
With the few things we need
There comes a time to bleed

CD 1
  • 1 I See Sound
  • 2 Thinkin' Please
  • 3 Hearing Things
  • 4 Burning Down My Sanity
  • 5 Last Night's Dream
  • 6 Leftovers
  • 7 Lovers' Quarrel
  • 8 Cocaine Star
  • 9 Plastics Campaign
  • 10 Sleepy
  • 11 Straight Line
  • 12 Not Really