Who Sang Walkin' With J.? Motorpsycho

Motorpsycho Let Them Eat Cake cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-2
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
length: 3:59
When the saints come down
-trembling on my back-
when they synchronize my heads
forevermore be a leader of the pack
when they show me heavens door

we never know exactly where to go,
but it never should have gone this far
[C] with Jesus
and they say what he says
and the jerk and the smart-a__
show off their passes
and want us all to come along

someone died for you
don't you think it's true
there's a pot and there's a stew
would we lie to you -
fill your head with lies?
It's all written in this book

repeat pre-chorus and [C]

What's the book you read
compared to what he said?
still you substitute your head
and we all go 'round
searching-lost and found-
make us all just tag along

repeat [C] ad nauseum (eh..)

CD 1
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  • 2 Upstairs-Downstairs
  • 3 Big Surprise
  • 4 Walkin' With J.
  • 5 Never Let You Out
  • 6 Whip That Ghost
  • 7 Stained Glass
  • 8 My Best Friend
  • 9 30/30