Who Sang Birds of Paradise? Mountain Brothers

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Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious/Turntablism
length: 4:26
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[Hook] {x2}
I say darling darling, you're my darling
Don't you know I love you?

[Verse One: Peril-L]
She stepped through the sliding doors at suburban station
When I knew that I've endured with the word temptation
Skirt a little too short, nails dangerously long
And I could see the outline of her angel's thong
My mind changes to wrong, I heard the strangest song
Utterly insane and suddenly the pain was gone
The sheer metallic gloss on her lips was real bold
I was steered to phallic thoughts as she gripped the steel pole
In fear her balance lost
In mistrust and surprise then disgust in my eyes was really lust in disguise
Visualize summer nights of erotic rain showers
Incessant babbling and psychotic brain power
Which suggests she dabbled in domination and submission
I'm impressed unraveling the combination of tradition
And left is feminism, solo flight in spite of wealth
Perfect match for a pretend Dolomite like myself
For better or worse, I would've married at will
Inside the leather purse, I bet she carried the pill
With my mind forever cursed, I kept on playing the herb
Got off on 69th street without me saying a word


[Verse Two: Chops]
Picked up the phone, boy it's been a long time
Since I heard your voice on the line
How you been?
She said, "I see a couple people now and then
I'm quite well, although I recently hit a little bit of a dry spell."
My reply is, "Me too."
Hadn't heard from her at all
And so the purpose of the call was see through
We both knew where the direction of the conversation was heading
Check the wallet in my pocket to see if it contained protection
She gave the green light, "Tonight I got nothing to do."
I said, "I'm just hanging with the bums in my crew, why don't you come through?"
And so she did, we slid back to her crib
Got a grip on Pandora's box and opened the lid
Threw caution and conscious to the wind
Then I broke as soon as dawn did
Giving reassurance that I would call in a bit
But every time I think back to that moment I wince
Knowing we haven't spoken ever since


[Verse Three: Styles Infinite]
I used to always say that I'd never settle down but then I found her
From the first minute we talked I was committed
I know it sounds stupid but that's how Cupid acts
The truest fact is I was moving on it to the max
The first five months I can't front it was mad fun
She was fly I was handsome
But then past infatuation came actual relation
She tried to build communication, I would be complacent
I had shit to settle but wasn't man enough to face it
I get wasted
Instead act abrasive
Why she didn't bounce then, even now is still amazing
Smashing windows from all of her stress
When I unpack my bag of issues, guess I caught her in a mess
I didn't recognize at first what it was really worth
I was wrecking the best thing to happen to me since birth
Came home to with the intent to rectify the past offence
Found a note, "I will always love you" plus her half of the rent


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