Who Sang The Grave: The Gate? Mouth of the South

Release information
Release Date: 2011-6-29
length: 4:24
I've seen your eyes in the mirror starring back at me.
Your mouth of lies. Feel your face rip from your bones.
I will cut you from ear to ear, blinded by hate controlled by fear.
So look me in the face you coward.
I will tear down every single wall you hide behind, there will be no mercy for you.
I am coming with thousands upon thousands to execute judgment on all of you.
You will find your throat within my grip and your face beneath my fist.
You can try to make me fall but his book bears my name.
This is not the end of me, this death will not be my grave.
You can drag me to hell but these saints will march my way.
You scoffers propelled by your desires.
You are divisive, you are desperate and devoid of everything right.
Face the fence you backstabber.
As our feet are drenched in blood that was brought from a demon built flood,
don't let fear hold you down, draw your sword and stand your ground.
As the cross is dipped in blood and your eyes set forth to the sun,
don't let l*** hold you down, swallow pride and face the ground.

CD 1
  • 1 Genesis
  • 2 Merits
  • 3 Clothed In Betrayal
  • 4 The Oppressionist
  • 5 Cognitive Dissonance
  • 6 The Grave: The Gate
  • 7 The Horseman