Who Sang Relax? Move.meant feat. Mike Anthony

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Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Style: Hip Hop

Just close your eyes and know
That God will find your feet
You have nothing to prove and
You are not incomplete
Set all your questions down so
Answers you can pick up
And relax your mind

(Verse 1:)
Yeah, Yo
Peace love what's goin' on wit ya?
Let me be up front so you don't get the wrong picture
See I respect you 'cause I know that you a strong sister
Single mother, always fall for mister wrong, mister
Right now, but see I had to place that part before
And I done been on both sides of breaking hearts before
You say that love's a battlefield, that's the art of war
Sometimes you get in more than what your bargained for
So what I'm saying is I feel you and you're feelin' me
And naturally I'm open to the possibility
But see we both know the situation's complicated
Even though we clicked the first time we conversated
I just became accommodated to this lifestyle
Of being single, plus we far apart right now and
I've been half of a couple a couple of times
But not a fraction of a family, so the troubles I'm
Not really ready to play house or be ya man
But if it's cool, we could cool out and relax

(Repeat Hook x2)

(Verse 2:)
Uh, yeah
Peace love what's goin' on wit ya?
I understand these dudes is comin' on strong to get ya
Outta your thong, but yo I noticed how the song hit ya
I'm bout to dance, maybe you could come along if ya
So inclined, we don't really even have to speak
I'm only tryin' to unwind, I had a long week and
You lookin' fine, I wouldn't mind bein' cheek to cheek
But don't assume I'm out to play the room and find a freak
And you could let your guard down, I ain't swing to hit it
We could simply have a good time, plus admit it
You know you ain't come up in here to just sit in a chair
Hands in your pockets, nose in the air, so either
You just boozey and lookin' for a movie star
Or tired of cat tryin' to score and ain't up to par
But see I'm not the type that's thuggin' and tuggin' ya arm
I'm not a player servin' stories and smothered charm
The story doesn't have to be continued later on
Unless you're down, we could cool out and relax

(Repeat Hook x2)

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