Who Sang Higher (Breathe)? Move.meant

Release information
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Style: Hip Hop
length: 4:02



Uh, yeah
What's up world?
It's about that time...
It's Move.meant

Some give, some lie to the common man
Some live, some die for the promised land
Some never let go from their mama's hand
I'ma stand up, it's time to man up... (breathe)

Some wonder why I can't settle
Wonder why I gotta push for that next level
Maybe I was born with the spirit of a rebel
So I find some way, somehow

I guess some got more and some less, huh
Some more or less wait for the best part
Some hold their breath for a fresh start
But it's all right here right now

(Breathe) You ain't gotta be a robot
Think for yourself, fight for the soapbox
And forgive your fathers for they know not
What they do, if they only knew they might... (breathe)

(Sample: "we can take you higher than that") - Higher! x3
(Sample: "we can take you higher than that") - Higher! x3
(Sample: "have anything in this world")

Uh, yeah
They say only the good die young
Maybe that explains why I'm so high-strung
Plus the fact we broadcastin' live from
A city where it's so hard sometimes to just... (breathe)

See LA's like another world
Gang bangers, immigrants and cover girls
All walks, big lines and small talk
What y'all thought it was sweet? Uh-huh, nope!

So I talk fast and write slow
Make sure I match beats with the right flow
We them up and comin' cats y'all might know
By the letters M dot them hot yeah

They're sayin' that we a breathe of fresh air
Base up, lace up your best pair
Fresh out the box, to the mountain-tops
Up high where the air's so thin you can't... (breathe)



(Breathe) Every breath is another hit
And I don't mean that stress, I'm on some other shit
I'm on some old kiss the sky, get up and get
So high, inhale exhale just... (breathe)

Every day's like a new drug
It's like money and fame, sex and true love
It's like no matter what we in pursuit of
We go hard, so far, so good, yeah... (breathe)

Every man got his own fix
Whether it's child's play or on some grown shit
I went miles away and came home with
Something so pure, that's why I'm so sure



CD 1
  • 1 A Proper Introduction
  • 2 Say When
  • 3 Miracle
  • 4 Rock Steady
  • 5 Gunpower Language
  • 6 If You Understood
  • 7 Git It Now
  • 8 Higher (Breathe)
  • 9 Breaking Point
  • 10 Someday
  • 11 Yesterday
  • 12 Relax
  • 13 Myself in You
  • 14 The Scope of Things