Who Sang Miracle? Move.meant

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Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Style: Hip Hop
length: 4:12

Definitely a miracle...honey you and me...

M-M-M-Make a miracle!

From the midwest to the west coast and dream
The outcast that came out so fresh and so clean
And I must confess I don't know everything
But I know what I know, you know what I mean
It's like the stars aligned, every thousand bars I rhyme
But the right words is hard to find
So I finish lines 'till the finish line's in sight
Just imagine if I actually had the time to write
Maybe then I'd finally get to where I figured I'd be
Not religious, but I sense something bigger than me
Only problem is it's hard to understand it like broken English
So I paint my own canvas with this spoken genius
Something told me my destiny manifests
The best of me stands the test of time
So I took a leap of faith, something like a steeple chasing
Climbed back in the saddle, trying to keep the pace
They say it's...

Definitely a miracle...
They say an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
If it changed then it's
Definitely a miracle...
I say it is what it is
If nothing, it go, go, go
Definitely a miracle...
What you see if what you get, I am what I am
And I feel like it's
Definitely a miracle...
What's it gonna take?
You and me...

I know it sounds crazy
Crazy to think it could change, but just maybe
Maybe you'll blink and the strange, right before your own eyes
Like water to wine, the ignorant grown wise, the rise and fall
If I could break bread with five thousand heads
Take every man's shoes, walk a mile and tread
It's like sight for the blind, a voice for the dumb
A symphony for the deaf, embrace for the numb
Feel it, what if rappers stopped acting hard
When in fact they're scarred, would it really take an act of God
Is he even listening? What if y'all stopped believing?
Christian, Muslim, Jew
What if people start casting votes? Stop casting stones
Dead beef, get to acting grown
And their kids stopped killing for a fistful of Lincolns?
Probably just wishful thinking
But I feel like it's...


I don't know where to start, I guess it's like my closing remarks
Sort of like the way a firefly glows in the dark
Sort of like Elizabeth Jennings before Rosa Parks
Like, humble beginnings before the flow sparks
Now the fires lit, it's so hard to explain why I spit
It's like who gon' fix things if I quit?
Tell me that, who gon' cross the line
Provoke thoughts in the minds I touched
And I ain't much for freestyle, I'd much rather freehand
Or free minds, see the free world in my free time
Man, ain't nothing free, getting at heads like parting the Red Sea
If we're ever debt free then it's...


M-M-M-Make a miracle (x4)

CD 1
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  • 2 Say When
  • 3 Miracle
  • 4 Rock Steady
  • 5 Gunpower Language
  • 6 If You Understood
  • 7 Git It Now
  • 8 Higher (Breathe)
  • 9 Breaking Point
  • 10 Someday
  • 11 Yesterday
  • 12 Relax
  • 13 Myself in You
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