Who Sang Let Yourself Go? Mr. Big

Release information
Release Date: 1993-11-10
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock
length: 4:04
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[Verse 1]
Somebody tell me who's that, what's that
It's the man with the silk drawers stuck up his buttcrack
Don't even front and try to ask who is this
Cause my name rings more bells than a Jehovah witness
Stronger than listerine, moppin' up rappers like Mr. Clean
Oh Lord, the Kane just hit the scene
Booyaka bo buck, rappers have no luck
Cause when I come through, I'm catchin' wreck, like a tow truck
Cause ain't no way in the world the Kane could ever, fade
I'm stayin' on top of this thing, in order for me to get, paid
And anyone comin' to me for a battle is gettin', slayed
Whenever it comes to the lyrics I'm rappin' I got it, made
So back up off me, cause yo' rap
Have no hap' so slow dat and act like you know dat
Cause you can dream about bein' this up to par
But not even Johnny Mathis can tell you what your chances are
Competition I'll drill em, and definitely out-skill em
To make the long story short, I kill em
Cause I face em like Jason, bizarre
And when I come through, it's like tchk tchk ahh

Come on, heidi heidi heidi hoe
And yo I got the funky flow
So let yourself go!
Heidi heidi heidi hoe
And yo I got the funky flow
So let yourself go!
Come on, heidi heidi heidi hoe
And yo I got the funky flow
So let yourself go!
Come on, heidi heidi heidi hoe
And yo I got the funky flow
So let yourself go!

[Verse 2]
Givin' you mo', ready to go, kickin' the flow, rippin' the show
Comin' to blow, check out a pro, look at the glow, act like you know
Left the lonely lonely through lyrics loose in me
Leave the lowlife left lingerin' lost like
Anything you can imagine done to a microphone I did it
Ripped it, flipped it, hit it, split it, let it so dig it
But don't make me get ill, or chill, cause if I exercise my skill
Rappers'll hit the floor like Johnny Gill
The smoothest soloist, with this to exist to bliss
And diss who risk to test this
Cause this ain't no game, I treat you like
A picture of my ex-girl, and rip that *** out the frame
I come pursuant, pursuant, pursuant, pursuant
And step it to him, to him, to him, to him, to him
I leave a rapper's career ruined, ruined, ruined, ruined
And watch him fade like my voice is doin', doin', doin'
Ease back when I attack
Your poetry is wack so don't ask for no slack
Cause I'm tell you straight up, I'ma bring it son
You want poetic justice go see John Singleton
Because a battle ain't no thing to me
And I don't look nothin' like Tarzan
So don't think you can swing with me
Just let the Kane take control, I'd like to know
If you really ready for some super dynamite soul!


[Verse 3]
So what's this? A new attitude, you're tryin' to act rude
You saw menace and now you in a gangsta mood
What are you kiddin' me? That's the heart of stupidity
If you want to be a gangsta, join the mafia in Italy
Fakin' and frontin' on stage like you're hard
I hope when you get to Detroit, the real thugs gon' pull your card
Flashin' guns like you got somethin' to prove G
What, you want to be in the next John Singleton movie?
You're sayin' that you're buckwhylin'
But don't convince me, convince the brothers on the island
Otherwise just forget it, unless *****z that did ten years
Say you a gangsta, I ain't wit it
Yo, I raped his mother, yo, I shot and killed him
Is that what you want to get across to the children?
I guess you're not gonna be happy til it's for real
Four year old kids, doin' drive-bys on Big Wheels
Or maybe you want to see it be more fatal
Like Kindergarten kids, tryin' to cook crack with Play-Doh
Now I don't mean to take the fun out the jam
I just want some to understand about the gun in the hand
We gotta show our people how to live equal
Peace out, I'm catchin' folks on the sequel


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  • 1 Wild World
  • 2 Temperamental
  • 3 Let Yourself Go

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    label: Atlantic
    country(area): Japan
    format: CD
    barcode: 4988029062345
    script: Latin