Who Sang Say My Name? Mr. Hyde feat. Little Brittany

Release information
Release Date: 2004-7-27
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:51
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Mommy mommy mommy!

What honey? What's the matter?
I had a bad dream
About what sweety?
It's Mr. Hyde, Mr. Hyde is coming
[Little Britney]
Hyde Hyde Mr. Hyde everybody in the room has died {*4X*}

[Mr. Hyde]
Walking war minded with the echoes doused in blood
From stretching out your lungs mega penetrate my guns
So I keep 'em concealed I'll leave you leakin for real
The mother ****in devil kid grim reaper with steel
Yo the sickos on reserve load the clip up with my word
I spit til you're disturbed verbs ticklin your nerves
**** back the hammer in the center with gore shot
Foully droppin newborns on top of their soft spots
Quick vagina soars rippin out your spinal chords
You got gashes on your boards but you're dead like dinosaurs
Hand cuff you to the bed the drama's seeming sickening
Leave you ******s dead just like Jeffery Dahmer's victims
Pissin in your mouth you got an obscene smile
Your teeth are shinin yellow like that retard from Green Mile
Slice your wrists with the box cutter like this
Another sly ***** with the butterfly stitch
Born to hate your par so you catch a gapin scar
A wide open wound you can't close with staplers
Or a needle and thread this beat is leaving you dead
I blow a shot through the top now I can see through your head

[Little Britney]
Hyde Hyde Mr. Hyde everybody in the room has died {*4X*}

[Mr. Hyde]
My squad will bust through in herds ***** let me remind you
You're coughin your tonsils with my elephant shrapnel
Destined to stomp you stuff your face in the mud
Never waist no slugs that's why I pace with the jud
Guns will point at blank range I'm pointin pistols for brains
Put you splattered like paint your whole anatomy faints
Stuffed like Latter Day Saints that don't know how to be quaint
It's ***ault robbery or a battery rape
Peep the tragedy shake and the pin dropping silence
You shot with the 9 inch for stoppin the violence
Do you a slight favor before you're mortified
Cut you with the light saber and wound your quarter eyes
Ain't nowhere to hide from my gruesome legacy
It's hard to flea while you bleed cause you're losing energy
Foul like sexual harassin blast you with the mack 10
Violent homicide the intellectual ***assin
Drill saws and tools fill the gore slaughter you
Drown you in a water pool now your breath bubbles rise
Trash troubles lies but see I'm the one who ends em
Deatha and disguise with the leatherface resemblance

[Little Britney]
Hyde Hyde Mr. Hyde everybody in the room has died {*4X*}

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 On the Prowl
  • 3 Say My Name
  • 4 The Crazies
  • 5 Barn of the Naked Dead
  • 6 Spill Your Blood
  • 7 Knife in Your Spine (Satanic Wordplay)
  • 8 Malignant Messiah
  • 9 Street Veteran, Part 2
  • 10 Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • 11 Bums Intro
  • 12 Bums
  • 13 Death Sentence
  • 14 Married to Pain
  • 15 Beesh (Malaki skit)
  • 16 Buggin' Out
  • 17 Them
  • 18 Outro
  • 19 The Crazies ('86 Metal mix)

  • Release information
    label: Psycho+Logical-Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 801977002628
    script: Latin