Who Sang Dropping the Ball? MU330

MU330 Ultra Panic cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-4-16
Genre: Rock
Style: Ska
length: 1:47

I'm too happy I hardly have to try watch me fall down,
Tripped so easily some things come naturally
I've got a little man inside me whispers she's had
Enough this little thing inside me tells me that she's above breakdown
I've gotta see you you've got to prove it wrong,
watching a video I hardly have to try
It could be you and me if I just close my eyes
Now I'll just close my eyes,
Dropping the ball is the one thing I do the best, dropping the ball

CD 1
  • 1 Raw Fish
  • 2 Tell Another One
  • 3 Lied To
  • 4 Oh My God
  • 5 KKK Hiway
  • 6 Serious
  • 7 Hey Now
  • 8 Speedbump
  • 9 My Gun Is Broken
  • 10 Let Go Again
  • 11 Deeper
  • 12 I Could Wait
  • 13 Hi My Name Is John
  • 14 These Rocks Have Energy
  • 15 Please Spare the Jokes
  • 16 Dropping the Ball
  • 17 You Win Again