Who Sang Wish? Much the Same

Much the Same Quitters Never Win cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-5-20
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Punk
length: 2:32
Well you're in control and I know it
'Cause I'm miserable again
I don't understand how any of this
Makes me a better man

You know I always run to you
For some help with my life
You know I always come to you
For a little wise advice

And all I get is pain
Okay, so I'm exaggerating,
I'm just saying that's how it seems to me
If all good things come to an end,

Then what about the bad?
Am I cursed to never see the fruits
Of the life I wish I had?
And can I try, one more time,

To be pleasing to you?
My futile efforts never seem
To make my wish come true
What can I do?

I'll follow through with all these claims
I never cease to make
A promise to myself
Is one I promise to break

But when I have you by my side
Then I can do what's right
I'll become the co-pilot
And you control this flight

Then everything will be alright
This song's for me
A reminder of how I intend my life to be
Every word I sing

Is an anthem against my own hypocrisy?
Let me be free

CD 1
  • 1 Wish
  • 2 Conclusion
  • 3 New Years
  • 4 Liar
  • 5 Masquerade
  • 6 Hits Home
  • 7 Quitters Never Win
  • 8 One of a Kind
  • 9 Miss the Pain
  • 10 Someday Not Soon
  • 11 Still Falling?
  • 12 Father & Son