67 Cutlass Lyrics - Murs

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Release Date: 2011-10-11
length: 3:24
In a 67 Cutlass we was riding through the desert with the

I got a story y'all, from a bit ago
I was out in AZ chilling with my ***** Ro'
We was zoning out
Couple dirty jokes, had the music up
A little smokey smoke, he was getting blue as ****
Back in the day, you know, times was kinda rough
Way back, I was nowhere near my 30's
Rap wasn't paying the bills, we was riding dirty
Two pounds of brown weed, straight from [?]
We was riding slow, watching for the federals
Shoot, how can I forget, we had a half an ounce of shrooms

That's when the sheriff car came riding by
We wasn't speeding, he didn't have a reason
He still pulled us over, now I'm fearing for my freedom
"Oh ****! The shrooms! Hurry up and eat them"
He took half and I took half and threw the bag under the seat and uhm
"Hello officer, what will you be needing?
License, registration, I'm sure you wanna see em"
"Sir, we already know who you are
Mr. Carter could you please step out of the car?"

"Mr. Carter could you please open up the trunk?"
I said "Huh? Are you sure that's what you what?"

I went to the trunk, and opened it up
And from the look on his face I could tell that we were ****ed
Ronin jumped up
He said "Officer, that is not his weed"

Knocked the cop off his feet and grabbed his two piece
I stood for a second, thinking "Should I run with him?"
The cop stood up, I stuck my foot out and tripped him
He fell, and hit
Then he sunk to his knees and bled
He passed out, face covered in red
"Oh my God! Is he dead?"
And then he started he crying
No small feet, he wasn't a small guy
How he fit a pig in the trunk, hogtied

In a '67 cutlass we was riding through the desert
Looking for a place to bury this new treasure
Certified killers, small time drug traffickers
Won't be long till the helicopter's after us
We found a spot to dig us a ditch then
The chopper came out, and the shrooms kicked in
Yo, Ro', you feel that **** man?"

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