I Used to Luv Her (Again) Lyrics - Murs & 9th Wonder

Release information
Release Date: 2010-4-13
length: 6:16
I met this girl, when I was ten years old
And what I loved most she had so much soul
She was old school, when I was just a shorty
Never knew throughout my life she would be there for me
on the regular, not a church girl she was secular
Not about the money, no studs was mic checkin her
But I respected her, she hit me in the heart
A few New York n____z, had did her in the park
But she was there for me, and I was there for her
Pull out a chair for her, turn on the air for her
and just cool out, cool out and listen to her
Sittin on a bone, wishin that I could do her
Eventually if it was meant to be, then it would be
because we related, physically and mentally
And she was fun then, I'd be geeked when she'd come around
she was fresh yo, when she was underground
Original, pure untampered and down sister
Boy I tell ya, I miss her

Verse Two:

Now periodically I would see
ol girl at the clubs, and at the house parties
She didn't have a body but she started gettin thick quick
DId a couple of videos and became afrocentric
Out goes the weave, in goes the braids beads medallions
She was on that tip about, stoppin the violence
About my people she was teachin me
By not preachin to me but speakin to me
in a method that was leisurely, so easily I approached
She dug my rap, that's how we got close
We met up on the West coast, and that was cool
Cause I was on the street smokin' weed and didgin school
Picked up a bandana, she started doing things another way
She caught a lotta money in L.A.
Late 80s regonomics had the west coast ???
circumstances caused her to change her style
She said, afrocentricity, was good to have
but it wasn't representin' what was poppin on the a__
See, black people were still dancin' like it was all good
she had to put it down for the boys in the hood
And that was good for her, she was becomin well rounded
I thought it was dope how she was on that freestyle s___
Just havin fun, not worried about anyone
And you could tell, by how her t__ties hung

Verse Three:

I might've failed to mention that this chick was creative
But once the man got you well he altered her native
Told her if she got an image and a gimmick
that she could make money, and she did it like a dummy
Now she's common in commercials, she's universal
She used to only swing it with the inner-city circle
Now she be in the burbs lockin g's ? extra skinny
And on some dumb s___, when she comes to the city
Talkin about poppin bottles with models and all the strippers
Now she's a baller tryin' to see who's the richest
Had it all up but ain't away from heartbreak ??
now she's too pretty to be diggin' in the crates
Stressin how well be it and rich she is
She was rich in spirit before she got into s_____z
I did her, not just to say that I did it
But I'm committed, but so many n____z hit it
That she's just not the same lettin all these groupies do her
They make a frame on her, they try to autotune her
But I'ma take her back hopin that the s___ stop
Cause who I'm talkin bout y'all is hip-hop

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