Wherever You Are Lyrics - Murs & 9th Wonder

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Release Date: 2012-11-13
length: 2:43
Met her at Montreal right outside concert hall
Her name was Rose, my reply was no response at all
Half Moroccan and half French
Couldn’t keep talking, I panicked, I was too tense
Froze up like Elaine
She smiled, broke the ice, so I started to spit my game
I said Rose, that’s a pretty name
And I never got to see your city it would be a shame
Be my personal tour guide
We could see the sites from the inside of your ride
Got to the bus around 4-5
Walk me to the door, was no one outside
I guess the bus close enough to make contact
Whispered in her ear, she should give me her contact
Slipped me some paper then she started to fall back
Rocket mail dot com, how the fuck I’mma call that?
Well fuck then, don’t call back
Blown off by this female
If this was 9th gate I would never heard of e-mail
Did she explain the details?
Paris straight, she wasn’t allowed to see males
Got home and copped me a laptop
From this base pad right outside of the crack spot
Plugged in the modem, got a Hotmail account
Time to see what the world wide web was all about
Send a message, she replied the next day
Welcome to the internet sweetie, now let’s play
We shared stories, we wrote essays
I remember every word like it was yesterday
Back and forth for like 3 months
Finally popped the question, asked her when we could meet up
Response seemed like it never came
And when it finally did I was forever ashamed

She said my heart belongs to you but my body to another
And should I refuse I’d bring shame to my mother
Words on the screen never brought such pain
Kept tryina reach er, all attempts were in vain
So I check my inbox for your name
Looked for the messages that never came
If we’ll never get together it would be a shame
Wherever you are I know that you feel the same

Wherever you are, wherever you are...

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