BasikMurs Lyrics - Murs

Murs F’Real cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:22
producer: Gandolf
performer: Basik MC

hey whussup this is muthafucking Murs

here with muthafucking basik

you know what im sayin i got a foul ass mouth

but not really givin a fuck this is all freestlye

One tape do it like this no fakes

On the microphone distroy all snakes

In the grass Murs will beat that ass

If it has to come to that type of situation

But i really know that patience is a virtue

But I just might hurt you call it curtins

Pull up a skirt on a few emcees actin

Bitch wanna change off that switch

Like a light 25watt, you ain't that bright

Might get socked in the night

Where i'm from Mint City, where we roam

Come hard over drums

Everybody wants to hum

Some other niggas song, be on the dick

Of other crews too long now wheres your song

At got a whole tape but ain't nobody else

Gonna kick a rap unless they famous

Thats the fool from table of contents

Your whole porpose is aimless

Need to get some shit Condence it

Into one form have a common goal

When I'm bombing soul on this track

Everybody knows my spirt comes intact

Never um post hande or should I say

On strike like UPS I might just incave yo chest

Like this make a casium when i spit this shit

Have your chest doing spasum Fantasium

Like that four with the spikes

Everybody knows i dont sport nike's

Well I really kinda do cause I cant afford

Other shoe They cost to much

Everybody wanna rock the dutch

Or other should I say the British walking

Shit talkers from New York Get cooked

Burnt up, I stay way like pork

How many emcees have said that I've read that

Rap book you had all them rhymes you had

Was wack, Take it like that uh this nigga Murs With a freestyle verse

with basik

Your whole stlye is wack so face it

This nigga Murs with a freestlye verse

And basik your whole style is wack just face it

Cant Replace it


Cant replace,Cant replace it one on one

This is Basik Yo checking in one two

Watch out for your whole crew

We might do them by the two's

Three's and a hundreds I got you in a tundra

Freezing your toes Basik emcee expose

Superstition, I guess you thought you was Wishing you was in another


I negate no property, Basik emcee afully

All up in all these Emcees

Taking them off stage with a swift kick

You might sling from my dick

Matter of fact You's a trick

Sell you on the coner for two bucks a less

You be selling your rhymes

Like it was two bucks of stress

Just a little bit of style

And a little bit of this

And a little bit of spice here

And a little ingrediant there

Now ima come out then ima start to stare

Mad doggin wack emcees

Ima stomp em with girls clogs

And keeping them cloging up

Like arteries Fool's be swellin up

Thinking they gonna serve me

I think not

I'll put you in my pot

Everythings for 50degrees got it hot

Pull out about four emcees please

Watch me ease of all eww

All these punks never

I'm way to clever

Used to live down the street

>From this fool named Trevor

But he got a little shaddy

So I had to make him not my baby

Had to serve him

And send him on the curb

And send him on the street

And run him over with my Honda Accord

Never Bored

While I soared in the sky

Basik emcee will never die

Im living continuosly

Mater of I should say infinative

You wanna live up dont step up

You might limp back

Watch for the attack

>From me and Murs you've gotta stay dope

If you don't wanna be wack

Thats obvious

Matter of fact Im seein this

Threw the scope of my eyes

Matter of fact i got three of them

Matter of fact i got five of them

Cause im counting my glasses

Kicking many asses

All through Like going slow like malasis

If you want me to slow down the style

Leave a wack emcee

Thinking ima gon get wild

Now wait little child

You might get smacked

you need a pasifire

You a wack emcee you was a lyre

Talkin about you was 10 leauges higher

But 10 leauges lower in the sea

Wanna be me

I bet you wanna clone

You drone

I'm like the bully of the block

Ima take yo twinkies out your lunch box

Then take your money

And put it in my socks

And then walk down the street

With this damn beat

That shit is thumpin

Keep bumpin in the bay area

With my man Murs

Wanna kick a freestyle verse

Leave a wack emcee in a hearse

Now you cursed

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