Epic Salutations Lyrics - Murs

Release information
Release Date: 2011-10-11
length: 3:12

Epic salutations
To all around the nation
Engaging in this form of energetic transformation
Hop on communication
The vibe we're sending out
To all who thought the real was lost and had to live in doubt
I tried to finish out
I rarely replicate
Represented, reproduce my records at respected rates
Quality, quantity, qualified sonically
To coalite the classic catalog for the colony
Something like a pharmacy
Hardest dope I'm pushing out
This is something heavy for the stoners getting smoked out
Loc'd out, psycho, nitro-glycerin
Audio insulin for all of y'all that's listening
And you can listen in
While I'm tripping out
I'm Heaven bound, but I think I found a different route
A couple par secs off of the main road
If you don't open up your mind then you can't go
I travel rainbows
Red, orange, yellow, green
Blue, indigo, violet, brightest lights you ever seen
Selassie of the posse
Making wine out of Rossi
Most high over money, Ted Dibiase
I take a million dollars
And gather all the scholars
To make a rocket ship out of old school Impalas
Ghetto interstellar west coast Cinderella
She riding shot gun and she rolling something hella
She passes it to me but I don't smoke is what I tell her
While I'm slanging moon rocks to these alien fellas
We 5,965 million
Miles away from Mars, among the stars, but I'm chilling
Laps around the sun, fingers rapped around a gun
And I'm shooting solar flares at your passengers for fun
That's how we have a good time on my planet
But you never came to visit, you didn't understand it
Take the boy out the hood, not the hood out of the rocket man
Trying to make the most out of this galaxy they lock me in
They can not box me in, I've traveled light years
Cartridges of courage cause we loaded up to fight fear
We might not win, but we never lose
With us or against us, you defenseless so you better choose
It's love or rockets dude
I use my rocket fuel to travel through the infinite and this is what I brought to you
Hardcore rap about nothing at all
Just some laser beams and quasars stuck in a jar
And this is all I've come up with so far
Living a lifetime on Earth and looking up at the stars

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