I Hate Your Boyfriend Lyrics - Murs

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Release information
Release Date: 2000-10-10
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:24
And This one Goes out to all the ladies
Yes You
The Ones at the Promenade out at the mall
Holding Your Mother f___in' Punk a__ Boyfriends HAND!!
The f___ You comin' Dressed Like That with yo' m____fuckin' Man and
you don't expect nobody to look

[Verse One]
d___ Did you see her?
Sweet JESUS!
I wish My Boys were here to see this
In their wildest dreams they couldn't possibly concieve this
A Vision of Perfection
A Godess A Venus
I Mean this girl has so much charm
Wait a f___in' minute
What's that on her arm?
Can Someone tell me that really ain't a man
I don't mean to be rude but there is no way in hell that that really is your dude
Sorry to be a a__hole but let me play my part
But let me take you and him to a sudden change of heart
You Might Say Whatever
But I know you feel better when you leave the show with me
And its nice to stay together
We Don't Even have to go to national T.V
We could cut to the chase and right now you leave with me
So Whaddya' Say?
Look, I know I'm not the s___ the hottest joint in the ashtray
The Way Sad Shape Makes me leave you in a bad way
I'm lookin' like you future and your man has passed a day
So why don't you give him a pink slip
Thank him for his time
Give him a hug
And let him know this is his last day

Cause I hate your boyfriend
because he can't possibly be f___in' you right
You know that I hate yo' boyfriend
because I know you are tired of going to him every night
Because I hate your boyfriend
Cause he's always by your side steady f___in' up my plans
You Know I hate your boyfriend
Cause of him you'll never have the chance to get a real man

[Verse 2]
(In funny voice) Hey Murs That's my Lady (End Funny Voice)

Man I didn't even know
But why'd you bring her half naked to my Hip-hop Show
Standin' in the front row just starin' at a n____
d___ near forgot my verse just starin' at her figure
Seein' her buy a CD thought she'd get a cheaper price (hah!)
t__s and a__ ain't a cupon although it is nice
To View and Pursuit Look Don't be mad at me
This is simply what I do
And while you
In the corner talking hip hop in the sidewalk with your boys
She was standing by the exit lookin' bored
So I had to bring the noise
Asked her how she like the show and what she does for a living
We talked for a while
and took and EMCEE to feel the ryhthm she was given
I gave my room number wondered if she'd come through
She said she'd drop off her friend and be there around 2
but then you came with the cuffs and rush her off the floor
Caught the first line of my rhyme before you hit the door
(Funny Voice) Her Murs that's my Lady(End Funny Voice)
If you have to say that than the woman isn't yours
And if you gotta say that Then the b____ ain't yours

[Chorus 2]
You know I hate your boyfriend
Cause he's a no game c___ blockin' a__ b____
You Know I hate your boyfriend
Cause he'd hate me if our positions were to switch
I Hate your boyfriend
Cause he's always by yourside steady f___in' up my plans
Because I hate your boyfriend
Because of his punk a__ you'll never have a real man

[Verse 3]
Now this verse is dedicated to your friends girl
You know that 5 and a half he thinks is a ten girl
Sayin' you would trade her for nothing in the world
But she ain't worth s___
Everytime you thought a ryhme the b____ is all on your d___
She's jes' playin' with his mind
Givin' you that look with p____ hugs all the time
Now let me take some time to explain the term
p____ Hug means when a girl leans in
Arches her Back and her p____ is the first thing to make contact
Then she slowly presses her t__s against your chest
Then she finally wraps her arm around your neck
A blatant sign of disrespect
Its not hard to detect
Its something that your boy always neglects to check
and everyone saw what was comin' up next
That was him walking into you comin' on his neck
Now yo' boy's life is a wreck
He's makin' suicide threats
(Funny Voice) I can't live without her (end funny voice)
But when you know when you open up your eyes that's what you get

I hate your boyfriend
Cause he has no clue to what the f___ is going on
You know I hate your boyfriend
Cause if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have to make this song
Because I hate your boyfriend
Cause he's always by your side steady f___in' up my plans
That's why I hate your boyfriend
Because of his punk a__ you'll never have a real man
You know I HATE your BOYFRIEND

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