Living Legend Lyrics - Murs

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Release Date: 2000-10-10
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:01

(scratching "Livin' Legend")

Watch me blow the top off of mics
When I rock it don't stop
Like the burnin' sensation when I drop off this mic
Can't stop this for life
The rappin' that is
If I came wack, it'd hurt me more than it'd hurt y'all
Like when parents slap their kids
What's about to happen is
(Nah, what had happened was)
I started making up these tapes, stackin' up my buzz
Rackin' up these dubs, steady packin up the clubs
Is there any other crew who does it quite like us?
Do they make 'em rush the floor?
Ya see that's what counts
Like a club DJ throwin' on More Bounce
And y'all know how we do it over here in L.A
Everybody and they mamma ?
And I say what I mean when I put it in a verse
Rhymes like ? your words would snatch a purse
From a blind senior citizen
You know the wack shit like Bob Denver known as Gilligan, I'm killin' 'em
Facin' twenty-five to life if I touch a pen again
So I thought I might quit, but then I thought again
At least I'm dyin' for a cause instead of Benjamins, uhh


Now I rock velour jumpsuits, no shirt on
Tryin' to get my flirt on, throwin' hurt on the mic
Like white on rice, Platinum on ice. dots on dice
You may know some dope niggas and they may be polite but they not this nice
I got twice what they do
Imagine evertything they wrote and at the top a little two
He gon' have to spit a few if I only spit one
You mess with sixteen bars, I'm simply bar none, far from ordinary
Even by my fuckin' milk from the Legendary
Fairy dust M.C.s, time to get your wings clipped
When you're playin' Mr. Tough and you're sweet as Pixie Stix
Your fans, they suck it up, the truth must be exposed
I jump on stage and fuck em up
Jabroni's never stand a chance against rap entertainment's most electrifying man
Mics short circuit soon as they touch my hands
Sell my music on the streets to stay in touch with my fans
Man, my crew can't be beat!
We got this thing locked like the door on a white lady's automoblie
When she sees me cross the street
Flat out truth when I speak
With no time for plateaus I keep striving for the peak until I go insane
And it's as plain as the clothes on an undercover cop
That I got a fan base that'll never stop growing, been around for a while
And for y'all who not knowin...
And for y'all who not knowin' I'm a


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