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Murs Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl cover art
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Release Date: 2012-7
length: 4:37

What up doe? It's your boy Murs. And on behalf of Josh Blaylock, Jose Garcia and my homie Foundation...we'd like to welcome Yumiko: Curse Of The Merch Girl. Huh. Welcome

[Verse One]
In the beginning, the pages are void
The story here begins with a girl and a boy
Everything was bliss every moment was in joy
Never once thinkin' that it'd all be destroyed
But this boy had a band and this band had a buzz
They played a lot of local spots and rocked at every club
The girls around town thought that Dom was a scrub
But she saw Dom for the star that he was
Supported everything Dom did to the fullest
Stay when she shouldn't even put up with his bullshit
That's because she knew that he was brilliant
And even if he never made a million
He'd still be the father of her children
Nothing could come between them and the future they were buildin'
And pretty soon a record deal was in the works
But he told her not to worry she would always come first

And ain't love just beautiful?
Especially when the person's brand new to you
Before the bullshit that they put you through
They have you runnin' 'round doin' things you don't usually do
And ain't love just grand?
The true bond between a woman and a man
That brief time right before you understand
That this motherfucker's selfish and they don't give a damn
And ain't love so special?
Till them hard times start to test you
Now all they ever do is stress you
But started off tryin' real hard to impress you
And ain't love the shit?
Especially when you don't know who you fuckin' with
Soon as they violate your trust you're sick
So you throw it all away like "fuck this shit"

[Verse Two]
The bus pulled up, the biggest they ever seen
Their first real tour, something right out a dream
Dom brought his girl she was part of the team
Besides, where would a king be without his queen?
And the crew didn't mind, she was around all the time
And separating the two of them would definitely be a crime
She cooks and she cleans, does it all for the band
But not for the team, she does it all for her man
Now they get to see each other like all of the time
But for Dom that's a little bit too much quality time
He used to hit the studio when she would go to work
Now every night they do a show she's there doin' merch
Really, he just wants a little space
Cause the groupies love his group they throwin' pussy in his face
He knows no one can take her place
He just wants to have a fun, he just needs a little taste


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