On Your Own Lyrics - Murs

Murs Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-7
length: 3:14

[Verse One]
Now who the gods wish to kill, they first make crazy
That's why it always seen like they fuckin' with you baby
No delusions, ignore the illusions
Lead with your heart and avoid the confusion
Them obstacles just don't exist
When you're livin' with a love that's as pure as this
It all changed when she hit the sticks
Sorta like when all the demons escaped from the pit
It gets deep
The torment creeps
She's torn between the worlds of the awake and asleep
But peep game there's no one to blame
We're all just pawns, a face with no name
I admit, it's a shame how it went down
So strange, the path she was sent down
But have faith it'll all work out
Even though you're not traveling the perfect route

[Hook] {X2}
And you wonder what they want from you
Why won't they leave you alone?
Beware cause the path is shown
Make one wrong move and you're on your own

[Verse Two]
And home girl they just tryin' to tell you
About all the bullshit that life can sell you
You trusted in a man and of course it fell through
Now you one step from a cell in Belleview
Cause they can't see what you see
And your friends ain't always who you want them to be
Listen close and make wise choices
Sometimes angels disguise they voices
And the demons gone ??
Frames and facades that'll leave you enraptured
They tryin' to capture your soul
Well hold on, don't lose control
The goal never greater than the sum of your journey
Be easy, enjoy what you're learnin'
Embrace this brand new world
And who knows, we might just save you girl


[Verse Three]
And when your friends true colors do start to shine through
Don't let their faults define you
Trust you and no one else
You can only trust others to be themselves
All power ain't good and all magic ain't bad
Now you trapped in the illest dream you ever had
Half of what you see and none of what you hear
Open up your heart now the truth is clear


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