The Sermon Lyrics - Murs

Murs F’Real cover art
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Release Date: 1997
Genre: Hip Hop
This has been, "F'Real"
That shit
This is the last shit, the end motherfucker
It's all over it's done
What I wanted to say
Well shit, I'm a specify, my stance on hip-hop
All you motherfuckers, from outside lookin in
Sayin this is hip-hop
And this is not hip-hop
Motherfucker hip-hop is what's bein bumped in the ghetto
So if they bumpin Puffy in the ghetto
Who the FUCK is you to say that's not hip-hop?
Whatever's bein heard there, where it started
Is what hip-hop is
Stop tryin to define somethin you don't know shit about
And I'm out...

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