Way Tight (remix) Lyrics - Murs

Murs Murs Rules the World cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-10-10
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 2:52

[Verse One]:
Now when I'm not makin' death threats
To Judge Judy
I'm at the crib, Guinness and ? of thug beauty
Or maybe it's the club out tryin' to hug cuties
A true MC
I definitely love groupies
If I had 'em, I'd get at 'em
And I mean with a swiftness
I need a housemaid that's paid
Best friend/mistress
And as for that wish list
Out of a couple of them bitches
Some old 32-24-36's
And if that's too vicious
I'd probably have to settle
For one dame that's Solid as Gear is to Metal
Not a brainiac, but definitely on my level
Someone to ride with me, like bass is to treble
Like me and this mic, like Lee is to Spike
Let me free for the night
If I'm keyed it's alright
Cause she'll see my delight
And she don't need me to fight
Cause if she is my wife...

[Chorus]: [x2]
She's waaaay tight
The type of dames that I like
Way thick, way bad, way fine, way nice
Waaaay tight
Is what I be on this mic
Way sick, way raw, way fresh, way hype

[Verse Two]:
Now you can catch me on the net listenin' to some shit
On MP3, download from PC, then it's straight to MD
See that's how I wreck y'all
In the game respect me
The same way you do your elders
And everything I put out
I guarantee a best seller
Even if it goes copper
I know my shit is purchased by the true hip hoppers
What's up to Boof and Topper
My booty call numbers, not used before twelve
I dial eight like Rakka
See pussy's always best, after sundown
Like a Mike Tyson fight, I'm through after one round
Alright two or three
But sex in the morning?
Oh fo' sure not with me
Soon as I wake up, I'm tryin' to start my day
A hug then a kiss then I send you on your (echo)
Then I send you on your...


[Verse Three]:
Way sick, way raw, way tight, way dope
Can anybody in the world do it like this? Nope
Way strange, way off, way warped, way out
I'm on some other shit
Fuck what y'all talkin' about
Way in, way cool, way fresh, way hip
And anybody thinkin' different, tell 'em suck yo dick
Way drunk, way gone, way throwed, way stuck
And if I happen to offend you, you know I don't give a fuck
Way mean, way foul, way raw, way real
And if I say it and it's true
Does it matter how you feel?
Wastin' a little time cause there's nothing else to say
Way way
And I'ma end it this way (echo)

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