Who Sang Givemorelove / Leaveamessage? Musiq Soulchild

Musiq Soulchild Soulstar cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-12-9
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: RnB/Swing/Neo Soul
length: 9:47
The children
Need something
With more substance
And more meaning
A message, intended
To leave them with something much more to believe in
Now its cool for us to say and so
All the things we so to express ourselves
But we should, try to find a way
To bring balance. To this hate and
Leave a good impression on someone else


(Cause in our world)
There isn't much love goin' around
(ain't enough love goin' around)
We should try to, give a little bit more
(yeah, in our world)
There isn't much love goin' around
(We should try)
We should try to give a little bit more

Now lovers
Of this music
Shouldn't get so caught up, in all of the rumors and lies
We're the same as you
We got feelings too
And you know we're human
Just trying to live our lives
There will come a day when the world is gonna change
And, things will be much better than, how they are
Where, happiness is the way, and
Joy out weighs the pain, and
Oh, how I prayed to God that day isn't far


All we want in this world
We can have, through love
All we need, in this world
We can get with love
All we got, in this world
We can keep through love
All we got to do is just, give a little more love
In this world

Yo, you've reached Musiq's cell phone, uh,
I'm sorry I cant pick up right now
I'm kinda busy at the moment
But if you leave your name and your number
The whole routine, I'll get back to you as so as I can
And if I don't, don't get ma, yeah you too, peace

I'm sorry that I'm not around
To listen to what you have to say
I hope it wasn't so important that I
Just ad to hear cause it couldn't wait
I wish I knew what it was you wanted
Just to see if there was something that I could do
Oh, I know you probably thinking the worse of me now
But I understand that I'm not avoiding you


If I don't call you or come over its only just come
I've got so much work to do
So sometime before this song is over
Leave a message and I'll promise I'll get back to you

Cause you know how things are some days
My time be moving just way to fast
While you may be thinking I should out some aside for you
I'm just trying not to let it pass me by
Now I don't want to take you for granted
And please believe that I'm not ignoring you
Well I guess I cant expect you to understand it all
But I pray you don't take it personal


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