Myrkskog - Sinthetic Lifeworm Lyrics

release date: 2000
genres: Rock
styles: Black Metal/Death Metal
length: 3:42
Like a knife into waterish blue

I manifest my presence
By the glass you injected

Eyes no longer conceal any virtue
Senses no longer react to impulse

Inhale the fear
Inhale the last
Inhale the torture
Inhale me

Come dance with me
Come play with fire
I behold you
With a devilish perspective

Rust like red
Lustfully fed

Mortify its soul
To blemish the incorrigible
I went forth to deride and
Diffuse discomposure
I sleep with glued eyes
I wrap my body in worlds distorted
Gently I speak to you
With pearl drops I caress you

I thrust the antagonist
Into my surreal victim

I drank the sinful ice
Sent to us from above

I insert devilish red
In thoughts drenched in blood

Inhale the fear
Inhale the last
Inhale the torture
Exhale me

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Discipline Misanthropy
  • 2 The Hate Syndicate
  • 3 A Poignant Scenario of Horror
  • 4 Sinthetic Lifeworm
  • 5 Syndrome 9
  • 6 Morphinemangled Torture
  • 7 Deathfare to the Devil
  • 8 Deathmachine
  • 9 Pilar Deconstruction (Syndrome 9 Re-mix)