Who Sang Seas of Red? Naberus

Naberus Hollow cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-6-29
length: 4:23
Beware the water
What lies beneath
A dark world of deceit
Young bloods for slaughter
Naive, they sink with legs set in concrete

Sold lies, that they can make it to the top
Pumped up believe they’re the cream of the crop

Sights set for destruction, from the start
You are ****ed from the start you are ****ed

You put this gun to your head, eating the **** that was fed
From their hands, down your throats
Til’ you’re stuffed and you choke

Now as you struggle to breathe
And you collapse to your knees
They’re nowhere to be found, They’re nowhere to be found

I’m sick of hearing these fairy tales
The fables never end, the truth twisted on it’s head
Delusional minds harvested
Forever dodging these obstacles
Unravelled all of your plans with just a pull on the thread
But still these sharks circle in seas of red

You sold your souls to make it to the top
Lights fade from the stage, endanger all that you’ve got
Prey on the lifeblood, of youthful fantasies.

Sell them delusions, pipe dreams of the young
Profit from a twisting flick of your tongue
Destroy their optimistic ways

Caught in their lies
We’re all dead in the water
Tore us to shreds
An ocean dyed in red

It’s in their eyes
They’re aching for the slaughter
Tore us to shreds
An ocean dyed in red

There’s no safe space in this world
Always watch your back and question what they say
Embraced their binding blindfold
This was your choice to make, Now bathe in crimson waves

CD 1
  • 1 Slaves
  • 2 Space to Breathe
  • 3 Split In Two
  • 4 Shadows
  • 5 Webs
  • 6 Hollow
  • 7 I Disappear
  • 8 The End
  • 9 Seas of Red
  • 10 The Maze
  • 11 My Favorite Memory
  • 12 Fading
  • 13 The Burrow
  • 14 The Depths

  • Release information
    label: Eclipse Records
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: CD
    barcode: 638647915021