Who Sang Split In Two? Naberus

Naberus Hollow cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-6-29
length: 4:15
I just don't know where to start
But I can feel the end is near
I’ve burnt a hole in my heart
Can see through it crystal clear
My visions blacked out, so obscured by all this crippling disdain
Forgot my purpose, question everything, I’m going insane.

Weary heads scream in distress
Skull and crossbones, purge the chest
Twin edged sword draws blood
Waves crash beneath our feet

Surrender to the sea

We have lost all hope
Slowly slipped through the cracks in the road
Forever doomed we fall apart
There’s no saving our hearts
Split in two

I wear my heart on my sleeve
And bear these scars on my chest
I never thought i would hate
This thing I liked to do best
The pressure’s getting too much
Only myself is to blame
Watch as I let you all down
And we go up with the flames

Black smoke grows thicker day by day
We’re going under, hear the thunderous roar of the flames

I’ve been caught in the rip and washed out to sea
Sharks circled around, The deep has swallowed me

I’ve poured so much blood sweats and tears
My body’s numb convulsing
The clock is ticking down the years
Fatigued, my rage is coiling

It always lingered in the back of our minds
But we ignored the signs
Forever sitting on the sidelines
I’m sick of going on this chase
I fear that i am out of place
The well has dried and now it’s clear we’re going nowhere fast

Betrayed by our own fantasy

With our flags held high, we’ve been pulled under again

CD 1
  • 1 Slaves
  • 2 Space to Breathe
  • 3 Split In Two
  • 4 Shadows
  • 5 Webs
  • 6 Hollow
  • 7 I Disappear
  • 8 The End
  • 9 Seas of Red
  • 10 The Maze
  • 11 My Favorite Memory
  • 12 Fading
  • 13 The Burrow
  • 14 The Depths

  • Release information
    label: Eclipse Records
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: CD
    barcode: 638647915021