Who Sang The End? Naberus

Naberus Hollow cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-6-29
length: 4:25
I replay it over and over
Trying to think, of how i could change things
These memories can’t be forgotten
Pictures of you, lay inside broken frames

I never thought that this would end
Taken for granted can’t amend
These mistakes
These mistakes haunt me

Forever butting heads in fights
So many angry sleepless nights
These mistakes
These mistakes haunt me

You tore my heart out, threw it onto the floor
Stabbed my back, poured salt into the sore
My trust is tattered, broken, words cannot heal
Is this the end, These scars I can’t conceal

Was not supposed to be like this
Left me to rot in this abyss
I still can’t grasp the reasons why
Did you forget how hard we tried
It was supposed to be me and you
Adversity? We’d push right through
These wounds are fresh, but they will mend
The scars will fade, after this ends

How could
You betray me
Went all these years, to end in agony

Black Tears
Stream down my face
I never thought i’d suffer this disgrace

I never thought that we’d end up like this
I never thought that we’d end up like this
I never thought that we’d end up like this

And now you’re begging for forgiveness?

I will not, I will not

I won’t forgive you and forget
Waste of my time, stupid regret
You ripped my heart right from my chest
This memory won’t be repressed

CD 1
  • 1 Slaves
  • 2 Space to Breathe
  • 3 Split In Two
  • 4 Shadows
  • 5 Webs
  • 6 Hollow
  • 7 I Disappear
  • 8 The End
  • 9 Seas of Red
  • 10 The Maze
  • 11 My Favorite Memory
  • 12 Fading
  • 13 The Burrow
  • 14 The Depths

  • Release information
    label: Eclipse Records
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: CD
    barcode: 638647915021