Who Sang Athene? Naca7

Naca7 Several reasons to die for cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-12-13
length: 3:18
producer: Eddie Siblik and Naca7
mixer: Bernhard Gittenberger
lyricist: Simon Jahn
composer: Simon Jahn, Michael Girsa, Christian Hochmuth, Christopher Schnell
lovely tunes and crushing bones
a spot on you
touch me once, i hit you twice
a night on you
you might not read my warning
`cos you turn around when i do
next time you keep your eyes on
prosper your ego until it`s blown away
your boredom brings nothing new (we`re downwards)
your wisdom is not enough for two
you might not noticed it
lovely tunes a broken heart
a spot on you
touch me once, you dare twice
a toast on you
you might not noticed me here
like you want pave the way for
next time, a wrong word , a fist-fight
wind up the tension until we`re blown away

CD 1
  • 1 As Bold As You
  • 2 Dissolved
  • 3 Athene
  • 4 Oracle
  • 5 Revenger
  • 6 Reason
  • 7 11th Commandment
  • 8 Unveiled
  • 9 Asleep
  • 10 Worst Case Theory
  • 11 In Between