Who Sang Live It? Nadieh

Release information
Release Date: 1989
length: 3:27
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There are a lot of things on the planet earth
that I feel sad about
And even more things in this one creature
I feel bad about
Won't let it block the road to action
shut off the highway in my soul
don't wanna waste my time by hangin' round
I got this life here to go ...
I wanna live it
with all I've got
is it a lighthouse
or a tiny spark
I wanna give it
with all I've got
with all of my heart body and soul
Hopes and dreams have always been
reasons for another try
How come your face looks so sad
but your eyes stay dry
Won't let it block the road to action ...

CD 1
  • 1 Turn Me Loose
  • 2 Calm Me Down
  • 3 Epilogue (Can't Give Up On Love)
  • 4 Special Love
  • 5 The Syndicate
  • 6 Toys
  • 7 So What!
  • 8 Don't Hide Away
  • 9 Live It
  • 10 Wasted Water
  • 11 Stranger
  • 12 Splendid Morning (feat. Colin Blunstone)