Who Sang Arrival of the Caesar? Naer Mataron

Release information
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Rock
Style: Black Metal
4. Arrival Of The Caesar

As the Caesar arrives
The prestige of authority, of duty, of honor
... And the end of rottenness, returns

With their armies they give the battle
For the domination of mother earth
The society of power gives way to rotten

The man a__aults
Pure and irresistible,
The strongest win and what is left over is their spoils

They take in their hand the control of the world
The kingdom of books belongs to them
The rottenness is being erased from the memory

Through the chaos of time comes a second religion
A nostalgic return in the old symbols of faith
The masses are armed
In a situation of a fatalistic satisfaction
They bury their souls and their effort in the ground
From where they and their culture emerge

And in these settings of culture and civilization comes death
Which man created

CD 1
  • 1 Extreme Unction
  • 2 Blessing of Sin
  • 3 For the New Man
  • 4 Arrival of the Caesar
  • 5 Blast Furnace
  • 6 The Day Is Breaking
  • 7 The Last Loyal
  • 8 Land of Dreams
  • 9 Last Man Against Time