Who Sang Death Cast a Shadow Over You? Naer Mataron

Release information
Release Date: 2008-5-19
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Dark Ambient/Black Metal/Noise
length: 5:46
We will come a night when even these stars are extinguished
Darkness will prevail in your hearts
And you won't know if you are dead or alive
But we will come, bringing thousand stars, our souls
And a bloody sun, our flag!

Death cast a shadow over you
Ancient desire, but the hand is new
Beware! Beware of me!
Before we return in the night
There where the skull sings
There, we, the intrepid will return
The flags will wave again in the wind

Death cast a shadow over you

Exiled we are on the fringe
Living elsewhere, but between you
We care for today, we care for this
Out of the system
We have chosen our own way

Unrepentant obstimate
We are everywhere and nowhere
The last loyal
We who will be the first in the new world

Death cast a shadow over you

CD 1
  • 1 Anti-Celestial Campaign
  • 2 Ostara
  • 3 Sun Wheel
  • 4 Death Cast a Shadow Over You
  • 5 Secret Heritage
  • 6 Astral Anthology
  • 7 Sol Invictus
  • 8 Incarcerating Gallantry
  • 9 The Eternal Pest
  • 10 Eagle's Nest
  • 11 Praetorians