Who Sang For the New Man? Naer Mataron

Release information
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Rock
Style: Black Metal
length: 3:05

A metaphysic idealism
Is the creation of a new man
A new form of civilization
Aiming at the achievement of physical
And artistic excellence

With courage and boldness
We will overcome the past
We will evolve a new civilization
Where man shall be a wholeness

Willing to move to acts of total destruction
Even to mass murder
For "creative destruction"
We aspire to refine the true essence of the natural, and a human being

March of victory...
... The boldness sunray!
Fire in the battle...
... The rite of crimson dawn!
Inexpugnable the flame...
... The eons blaze!
The sun in the darkness...
... A fountain of light!!!

CD 1
  • 1 Extreme Unction
  • 2 Blessing of Sin
  • 3 For the New Man
  • 4 Arrival of the Caesar
  • 5 Blast Furnace
  • 6 The Day Is Breaking
  • 7 The Last Loyal
  • 8 Land of Dreams
  • 9 Last Man Against Time