Who Sang The Last Loyal? Naer Mataron

Release information
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Rock
Style: Black Metal
length: 5:28
7. The Last Loyal

It is not possible, the forces of deceit, to dominate our land
"Spirit once was God, then became man, and today became beast"

We are the last loyal
We are not bent by the great life
We did not deny our ancestors
And the pride of our civilization

Cursed and ghost of history, exiled...
Deniers of the false dream
Fugitives of virtual reality

By characters, suspicious and disclaimers
Ready to die for the new man who will come...
We shall smash their dreams to a thousand pieces
And through the ruins, shall rise a great world
We will be the seeds

The last loyal

Our soul is adolescent, deeply filled with loyalty and ideal
Possessed b an irrational grit that obeys nothing

We, the last, who shall be in the future first
The last witness of a world that rises
All of us, the victors of the great battle which comes

We shall then continue the war between us
For in this world, he who wants to live... must fight!!!

CD 1
  • 1 Extreme Unction
  • 2 Blessing of Sin
  • 3 For the New Man
  • 4 Arrival of the Caesar
  • 5 Blast Furnace
  • 6 The Day Is Breaking
  • 7 The Last Loyal
  • 8 Land of Dreams
  • 9 Last Man Against Time