Who Sang Sabalyas? Nahash

Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 8:11
In blooding sunset you saw his eyes
In your heart he light dark blaze
And you go don't seeing your way
And you go fly don't feeling your wings.
Black clouds wind of storm
Give you the force what you needed
And you don't feel a board between life and death
And nature call you to fight with world.
Fall to darkness
In sunset light
Fire inside
For the black sacrifice.
God of the witches
Show you star
Fly in sky
For turn to die
Sin of life, pain of death
Take yoursoul to kingdom of the darkness
Kill your fright, fell the force
Here you are god for yourself.
Twilight gods, prrevior cult
Will give you freedom and black power
Pray for dark sacrifice
Black messiah of suicide
Feel the dark
Fallen star
Look around
Here is
End of time
On the hands
Magic knife
Death of life
Call from night
I see eyes in dark
Your heart
Feeling birds
Birds of death
They take me
To the land of dark
In my eyes
Dying life
Colding soul
I see light
Light of dark in night

Cassette 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Eko Azarak (Lycanthropy)
  • 3 Nocticula Hecate
  • 4 Sabalyas
  • 5 Thunor