Who Sang Today Sunshine Ain't the Same? NahemaH

NahemaH The Second Philosophy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-1-26
length: 6:46

Don't worry about the miles
You never drove
Cause they're there, outside
Waiting for your tyres

Don't worry about the things
You never said
It doesn't matter...
They will listen

Today sunshine ain't the same
Its rays are described
With an optimistic pen

Hope grows inside a wound
An accelerated culture rides
Inside my veins
And the youth I left years ago
Is resurrected in my mirror

Don't worry about the words
You never wrote
Cause they've never been forgotten
And your mind never removed them

Don't worry about the things
You never did
They'll be done
And everything is gonna be okay

CD 1
  • 1 Siamese
  • 2 Killing My Architect
  • 3 Nothing
  • 4 Like a Butterfly in a Storm
  • 5 Change
  • 6 Labyrinthine Straight Ways
  • 7 Subterranean Airports
  • 8 Phoenix
  • 9 Today Sunshine Ain't the Same
  • 10 The Speech