Who Sang Believing Dreams? Naiad

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Release Date: 2003
We live our lives
Looking straight FORWARD

So many people blind to the lies
They don't know what's wrong or right
Not realizing the end is the night
Not having a hope, all you see is darkness
To find the light keep going our senses
A strong will grow in our mind

We keep going
Believing dreams
We live our lives
Boiling our lives
Like a raging wind
Wiser we are higher the hopes
Hold the future / IN OUR HANDS
Beautiful things clear one's heart
One pure heart sees though the truth

Think a moment when it's still

Silence brings you peaceful mind
Look just once when it's still
The grieving world you will find
We must go yet still forward
We should stop but going backward <br> With pure heart like a deep blue sea
Let's go deeper till we see

The pure clear sight for the pure clear mind
Sharpening tenses till we sense it
Like a big blue sky hope stretches wide The truth,

Just think tenderly just one time

We should stop pretending being blind

  • 1 Sensuous Tone
  • 2 Believing Dreams
  • 3 Waves of Influence Strike Within What Truly Moves You
  • 4 Song of Nature
  • 5 Hopeful Progress

  • Release information
    label: Good Life Recordings
    country(area): Belgium
    script: Latin