Who Sang Blah-Blah? Naio Ssaion

Release information
Release Date: 2005-12-5
Genre: Rock
Style: Goth Rock
length: 3:49
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How easily life can turn around
Now he stands without his wings
They've taken something
they should have left alone
Should let it be
It's not right
It's not right
They've taken his pride
He'll fight back
He'll fight back
He'll find the way

He'll never break
There's nothing more
He'll never break
He's searching for
Now he knows
Now he goes
Making his own way his own
He won't give up
There's nothing more
He won't stop
Not like before
Now he knows
Now he goes
Making his own way he will stay

How easily madness makes you blind
He could hardly hide his fear
But he won't give up
He will break the walls
To set him free
It feels right
It feels right
They will never know
he can see
he can be
he can fight

Let's make some noise
Let's make it now
Come on
Shout naio ssaion out loud

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