Who Sang Out of the Great Book of Fairytales? Naio Ssaion

Release information
Release Date: 2005-12-5
Genre: Rock
Style: Goth Rock
length: 3:54
In a distant land
There lived a young boy
And Bluewhiteyellow was his name
He was born with one
One special gift indeed
It was making rainbows
Kind at heart like his father
His friend was summer wind

And he sang every time when
Somebody opened their heart
When he sang
The rainbow began
A million stars were up and shining
When something strange occured that night
It was an evil ghost
Wanted to make him cry until forever
Wanted to rule the world
With darkness in his eyes
And have it all
A million stars were up and shining
The storm had quietened down
The night had never been so still

  • 1 Static
  • 2 The Mirror
  • 3 Teen
  • 4 Miss You
  • 5 Bow Link in E Minor
  • 6 N.SS
  • 7 Shut Up
  • 8 Blah-Blah
  • 9 Blind Date
  • 10 Can't You Hear
  • 11 At Ease
  • 12 Yours Faithfully
  • 13 Out of the Great Book of Fairytales