Who Sang Dreaming Hiroshima? Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch All Is Fever cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-2-1
producer: Herwig Zamernik
mixer: Herwig Zamernik
recording engineer: Herwig Zamernik
arranger: Herwig Zamernik
guest: Gustav
Thought it must be a phantom, a ghost,
when i met you again at the station.
You said you're there every evening,
watch the trains come home to die.

Will you tell me what happened to you,
what went wrong, now you look Hiroshima.
You ??? your legs do not cover.
your hair is still long but your face has turned to grey.

Let it all come down.
Let it all come down.
Let it all happen again.

You were everybody's darling,
me and all the boys dreamed of you every night.
But now those days are over
and all the boys are out of sight.
So maybe I'd better take you down to the place to unnear the river.
We could drink, we could talk, ?good lost? in memories.
We could cry and later on
we could **** the ?pain? away.

Oh rain come down,
to wash it all away,
to clear the sky.
Oh rain come down,
to bring the blue sky
back again.

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