Who Sang Too Much of You? Naked Raygun

Release information
Release Date: 1989
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Punk
length: 1:50
Guess we all want something
something we haven't got
There's a feelin' that I get when,
I see all those that just have not.
Someday this place'll be
Where man is all the same
All lookin' like salesman
They'll even change our name

(Although) I see one people
(We're all) one human race
Communication will save us
I see a plain, plain place

I see you think that you're a savior
You think you're Jesus Christ
From what I've seen of our shepherds
Your type had best think twice
Your master plan to save me
Just doesn't suit me right
You'd like to suit me up?
Well you had best think twice again


Yeah we all want something
Something we haven't got
How much'll you give up?
Allow yourself to be forgot?
Scores of plastic people
Not just a chosen few
Every (single last) one of us
Yeah what they really want is you
What they want's too much of you
When what they want is you
What they gotta have is you

CD 1
  • 1 Treason
  • 2 Hips Swingin'
  • 3 Understand?
  • 4 Entrapment
  • 5 Bughouse
  • 6 Wonder Beer
  • 7 Never Follow
  • 8 Too Much of You
  • 9 Vagabond Dog
  • 10 O.K. Wait
  • 11 The Sniper Song
  • 12 Which Side You're On