Who Sang Down in a Pinch? Nakia

Nakia Playing the Cards cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:16
Monday morning and the sun is up - I'm still snoozin' in bed.
I stayed out a little late last night and the party still feels like it's in my head.
Oh s___, I'm late again and I rush to the door.
Boss man calls me on the phone says "You don't work here no more."
He gets me down in a pinch - He won't budge, not even an inch
And you know that grip is tight - I hold on for all my might.
And I can't seem to get my way no matter what I do or say.
I get down in a pinch, I get down in a pinch
2 cigarettes and a cup of coffee and I'm still stoned as hell.
A pill for this, and a pill for that, but I'm never really feeling well.
I can't ever forget that day that you finally changed your mind.
And left me standing on the side of the road in the rain without a cell phone or a dime.
Yeah, you left me down in a pinch. You wouldn't budge, not even an inch.
And I know that grip was tight - I kept holding on for all my might.
But I never gave you your way - I guess that why you couldn't stay
Down in a pinch oh no....
And when you get down in a pinch even the smiles keeps you feeling blue
You can't get down on yourself and cry all day
Cuz life is cheap and easy if that's how you play it through
But you don't wanna get high in the sky and fly away
Yeah, when I get down in a pinch - I won't budge I won't even flinch
And even though that grip gets tight - I keep holding on with all my might
Because if I have a say - I'm finally going to get my way down in a pinch oh....

CD 1
  • 1 Down in a Pinch
  • 2 Broken Spoke
  • 3 Making It Up to My Baby
  • 4 Playing the Cards
  • 5 Texas Crescent Moon
  • 6 That's the Way God Planned It